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wait what where is the game that i saw in the picture when i play it the game looks like it's from 1999 but with gore


the game no longer loads

This game is Fantastic

great game! I've been playing nonstop! however, is there a way to customize or change your character? and also, I wanted to play with my sister and i created a session but it didn't show up in the browse servers section, same with when she tries it, is there a fix? good game nonetheless! keep it up!

Real FUn game. sometimes it doesn't let me join but i get it it cause of my ping

this game is so much fun

oh yeah im back

add sounds and i know this is a test

nice game but plz make it for macOS

Nice game (: however android download doesn't work. Like the download won't even start, I even downloaded other games from and there's works idk why yours dosen't ):

games fun, but the only problem is starting matches for me.

how do i pronounce your username?

why is it called tottaly accurate cs instead of brutal strike?


ABSOLOUTLY no lag and im on a school chromebook!!!

have u updated the browser versh?


hahahahhah the title is ACCURATE.

Fails to load the map when trying to connect or host.

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thanks for bug report

quick fix: click host game-> start game